Amazon Shows How You Will Get Paid in Cryptocurrency to Watch TV

Jeremy Epstein Business

TL;DR: Amazon, of all companies, recently gave me a glimpse of the crypto-enabled TV future. You will get paid to watch your favorite shows.

In the “I should have seen this coming” category, I was a bit surprised when I saw an ad for Slim Jim on my Kindle TV the other day. (Sorry for the grainy shots)

I clicked on it and was immediately invited into a marketing “choose your own adventure.”

Watch a video or buy the product.


I am vegan and kosher so they don’t have me down pat just yet, but within 3 clicks, I could have had Slim Jims on the way to my door, all while walking on the treadmill (irony noted)

Since the mid 1990’s people have been talking about interactive/e-commerce TV and now we have it.

All integrated.

It’s brilliant….on Amazon’s part and shows the ongoing effort to reach the Peter Drucker vision of “knowing the customer so well that the product sells itself.”

This is just stage 1 for them, of course.

Let’s leave aside the legitimate fear that now Amazon has even MORE information about you, locked away in proprietary databases, and can manipulate you at will since who cares about that anyway, right?

What Amazon is now doing, better than anyone in the history of TV has ever done, is tie content viewing directly to revenue.

Good for them.

At the same time, they have clearly demonstrated that the data that each of us generates when watching TV has value and can be monetized.

So, somewhere, some entrepreneurial team is figuring out how to get you a TV video stream that offers Netflix and Hulu or whatever you want, but here is where it is going to get crazy.

For every show you watch, intro you skip over, episode you quit halfway through…every single click, you are going to earn some sort of crypto-token for it.

That’s right, you will get paid to watch TV. (That’s all we need, right? At least my kids can become revenue generators now.)

Vendors will run AI algorithms on all of the data that you (and others) generate and serve even more relevant ads based on your viewing habits.

You’ll get your content for free and you will get paid to watch it.  Then, you’ll use those crypto-tokens to buy the products that advertisers put in front of you (which is paid for in the same crypto-tokens), all part of the circular economy.

Maybe SingularDTV or LBRY are already thinking about this down the road and, yes, I’ll admit it’s far off, but these are the kind of business models we will see emerge, I believe, in the years to come.