Announcing: A Visit to Crypto Valley

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If you want to go deep and explore the future of Decentralization, the best place in the world to look is Zug, Switzerland.

Known as “Crypto Valley,” Zug has:

  1. committed to becoming the most friendly environment for startups, with clear governmental support
  2. become the preferred location for crypto/decentralized-startups to establish their base including Ethereum, ShapeShift, Xapo, and Monetas
  3. made it possible for citizens to pay for some services in Bitcoin
  4. developed a strong ecosystem for blockchain/decentralized organizations to leverage, including ICO familiarity

Since there are so many people grappling with issues at a variety of levels, Zug, Switzerland offers an extraordinary opportunity to investigate the future of decentralization.  (For a deep dive, watch this excellent documentary)

Even if it isn’t the exact future, it doesn’t matter. They are farther ahead in thinking about it than most anyone.

Exploring the Decentralized Future

That’s why I have organized a 3-day trip to Crypto Valley (August 14-August 16, 2017).

You see, one of the best ways to understand something is to deeply immerse yourself in it. Spend time with people and in places that are ahead of you on the curve.

And allow other self-selecting individuals to participate.

Which is why I’m opening it up to others who share my passion and interest.

When we’re done, we’ll all have

  1. larger networks of people in the crypto world
  2. a better understanding of what the future of decentralization may look like
  3. an intense shared experience with people who share a common passion/interest
  4. a few days in Switzerland in the summertime. (ok, that should be #1)

What Will We Be Doing?

At the moment, we have 14 confirmed meetings and are sponsoring a Meet-up with the Crypto Valley Association (updated: Sold Out).

We’ll be meeting with entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, and academics. All people who are at the forefront of the Decentralization Revolution.

Who Else Will Be There?

We’re going to keep it intimate and already have a few people on board.

Ken Berger, whose credentials are a mile long and is also in the “Longtime community member of Fred Wilson’s blog” club with me, has graciously agreed to serve as Vice Chair for this excursion.

He’s going to help bring even more quality people on board (both meetings and participants).

Want to Join?

Here’s what You Need To Know and Do If You Want To Join

Space is limited.

Please fill out the application form here.

A few key caveats.

It’s casual but focused.

  1. You’re on your own for travel, accommodations, and food (though I’m sure we’ll eat meals together, etc.) and we may have suggestions
  2. We’re not charging, so we’re not doing logistics for people (aside from setting up the meetings).
  3. Right now…it’s just passionate people who are agreeing to be in the same place, at the same time, committed to the same topic. If you’re not passionate, really passionate about this, please don’t ask for a spot.

Call me crazy, but the idea of spending 3 days with a group of people who are committed and deeply involved in the concepts around blockchain and decentralization is one of the most exciting things I could be doing.

And, heck, it’s Switzerland in the summertime.

Let me know if you’d like to join Ken and me.

This is just the next step in the mission to bring blockchains-decentralization-to the mainstream.

For the primer, get the free PDF: Blockchains in the Mainstream, which features 33 different contributors talking about the subject.

For more about Zug, enjoy this video.

Photo credit: Bitcoin Cafe