Book Review: Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital

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There are so many things disappointing about the current US election cycle. One of them, in my opinion, is the obliviousness (or the willingness to appear oblivious) by both Trump and Clinton to the macro-forces at play. Maybe they don’t realize it or maybe they don’t care to acknowledge it, but we’re still at the beginning of this networked/connected economic …

Book recommendation: Sway–Stop being so irrational…yes, you.

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Did you know that saying to your friend or colleague that “Jeremy is a smart and warm guy” that I am much more likely to be liked than simply by saying “Jeremy is a smart guy?” Even if the experience of meeting me is exactly the same in every other regard… That’s just one of 100+ examples that the Brafman …

Are you a lousy networker?

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Usually people think of networking as lame mixers where others are forcing their business cards into your hands and everything is superficial. Networks are critical to your professional and personal development. The key is: meet the right people and cultivate meaningful relationships. My good friend, Derek Coburn, was recently quoted extensively in Forbes because of his unique, differentiated, and value-oriented …

Lessons from the People Manager All-Star Team, Part 2

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I’ve embarked on a journey to become a much better people manager. As part of that, I’m interviewing peer-recommended “best people managers”.  This is Part 2. If you missed Part 1, here it is. REQUEST: If you know of someone who is a great developer of talent, I’d love the referral and the chance to interview him/her. First off, let me recommend …

Must Read Book: The Network Always Wins

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Nine out of 10 business books don’t live up to the hype.  The Network Always Wins is not one of those. Pre-order it now. Most of the time, they are very good articles and someone says “hey, you should write a book about that.” In reality, they shouldn’t. I’m embarrassed to say that, until about 3 weeks ago, I had never …

Encouraging Employee Advocates- United Airlines Case in Flight

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I’m actually a pretty big fan of United Airlines.  I find the service to be solid, reliable, and convenient. One of my habits, perhaps not surprisingly, is talking to flight attendants. They are a wealth of information. On my recent flight to Seattle, I met Leah and I was THRILLED to see that she had an apron with her name …

Remarkable Job Application

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We’re beyond the resume being remarkable enough to get the job done. Now, it’s the very experience of applying for the job. Thanks to Charlie Ramirez for sending this in. A new standard perhaps?

A Social Limo, a Birthday Gift, and a Marketing Lesson

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An unexpected text popped up on my phone on my birthday. Jason Solomonson said “My brother Chad says that today is your birthday and that you are in Austin. He thinks we should meet.” As you know, relationships are important to me. The way I measure the value of the relationship is how often someone says “there’s someone you should …