Explaining the NSM Brand: Does this resonate with you?

Jeremy Epstein Business 2 Comments

Like the shoemaker’s children not having shoes, I had put off completing the Never Stop Marketing brand platform.

The other day, however, I called myself to the carpet and got it done on a flight out to San Francisco.

I wanted to share it with you and see how you felt about it.

  • Vision (Why We Exist): We want to create a world where people get paid to do what they want to do anyway.
  • Mission (How We Do It): Bring the decentralized future to the present as quickly as possible
  • Business(What We Offer): marketing services that help explain the capabilities, potential of decentralization to people and inspire them to action
  • Beliefs: Continuous learning, innovation, marketing, and STEMpathy.
  • Persona(how we hope to be perceived by the world): Energetic, edgy, comfortable with the 80-20 rule, innovative, creative, inspiring
  • Promise: We leave it all on the field.
  • Emotion: Like a shot of espresso
  • Signature: TBD…

I’m still working on the signature line.

Anyway, would be curious to know if this resonates with you.

  • Yes and no. I like the t top line components (vision, beliefs, persona, promise, and emotion). Would like to see a bit more specificity in the Business and Mission. Unless you only care about reaching those already “in the know”, I still can’t explain to my dad (or, candidly to myself) what it is specifically you do.

    • From a business perspective, I kind of care only about reaching “those in the know” or those marketers who “need to know.”

      For everyone else, all I care about is “if I hear the word ‘blockchain’ or ‘bitcoin,’ then you say…you should check out NSM/Jer.”