If you are a believer in Crypto….

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please consider signing up to support CryptoIsCurrency Day on September 29th.

It’s an effort led by OpenBazaar that has the support of some heavyweights in the crypto-industry including Shapeshift, BitMaker, Zcash, Dash, Xapo, and Airbitz.

Why Is This Necessary?

After a few months of challenges with the Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin fork and the almost daily volatility, this is an effort for everyone who believes in decentralization and its power to come together to send a loud and clear message:

Crypto Is Currency.

You can use crypto to get actual stuff on OpenBazaar (I bought earrings for my wife).

In so doing, you are showing the thousands of new merchants that have (or will) join OpenBazaar that this is a viable way for them to make money.

And, by the way, your purchases are totally private (no prying eyes from eBay or Amazon), secure, and there’s no commission charged to the seller so, in some cases, prices are lower.

It’s a very worthwhile cause.

I hope you’ll join me in spending just a small amount of your crypto assets (they accept many different ones) to share with the world that Cryptocurrencies have real value.