Marketing 2.0 case study….

Jeremy Epstein Marketing, Networking

The excellence at Social Solutions doesn’t just stop at the receptionist. It extends all the way through their marketing.

By their CEO Matt’s tally, over 40% of their leads come solely via WOM/referral. Not too shabby.

But, what they’ve recognized is that doubling down on their “raving fans” is the best way to get new referrals sent their way.

Their single biggest marketing expense?

The annual user conference (coming up in Baltimore) [though I wish it were highlighted more prominently on the home page], a celebration of their current customers.

What’s more, they’ve analyzed different geographies to identify the “tipping point” of customer acquisition, both from a “time in market” perspective as well as from a “who is the customer” perspective.

Think about that…they know which customers in which geographies serve as the “big domino” which enables penetration to move from a few percentage points to significant market share.

Some companies know this…most don’t.

And, they focus on cross-pollinating their client base. They know that the most valuable thing they can do is to put their customers in touch with each other…and with prospects.

And their salesfolks are industry veterans who understand the ins and outs of the non-profit world.

What you have here is a 70 person company that not only displays a culture of ownership, but also recognizes that in a 6 billion channel universe, the most effective thing you can do is to fan the flames of your customer passion.

The only downside..they won’t need to hire me because they’ve figured it all out! 😉

Oh, and my favorite line from Mattt?

“We don’t think the customer is always right.”

Bold. And it works.