Why You Should Read the 95 Theses of Crypto

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TL;DR– Read Ryan Selkis’ blog post and keep your perspective on the crypto market. Spoiler alert, there are only 71, not 95.

As a history major, I appreciated the nod to Martin Luther’s famous 95 Theses in Ryan Selkis’ blog post “95 Crypto Theses for 2018.

But more than that, I value the sanity check that he provided to me.

I don’t know about you, but the last 2 weeks or so have left me feeling somewhat anxious.  The numbers I had been seeing on CoinMarketCap made no sense at all.

People who had been in crypto for 2 months and up 600% or whatever were telling me what a fool I was for not investing in token, A, B, or C.

I was suffering from a bit of a crisis of confidence and I was flailing about for some clarity. In part, it was what led me to write the 12 changes that could shake up the blockchain world in 2018 for VentureBeat. Judging by the fact that it garnered over 150k views, I wasn’t the only one trying to make sense of things.

But whatever clarity I brought (and I don’t know there was much) was dwarfed by the elucidation provided by Ryan or as he prefers to call himself “Two Bit Idiot.

Some of my favorites

  • #3 where he endorses Zcash as having massive potential. Full disclosure: I’m an advisor, but I also have reasons to be bullish.
  • #9 on XRP. Totally beyond comprehension to me and good to know I am not alone
  • #10 on BCH. Feel the same way. Don’t want to root for it, but I have to put emotion aside and acknowledged I was wrong that it would die quickly and BTC would crush them quickly.
  • #11 Cardano, NEM, and IOTA are not worth $10bn+ each
  • #12…best line “Dogecoin= reserve currency for people who don’t care about money.” For more, see what Jackson Palmer, the inventor of Dogecoin says about the run-up. Hint: he thinks ppl are morons.
  • #14 good advice re: ICOs…not easy to follow though
  • #21 on Vitalik…totally agree. He is something special, but still needs to deliver.
  • #24…yes, Chris Burniske is the Obi Wan Kenobi of cryptoasset valuation
  • #47…Charlie Lee selling all his LTC wasn’t about some noble removal of conflict of interest. It was about a guy saying “ok, I’m taking my chips off the table and going to the bar, letting all you suckers keep playing because this is ridiculous.”
  • #58…yes, please…crypto-tax solutions. It’s a nightmare.

But seriously, they are all really, really good and I think provide some solid, concrete advice during a time when there is so much volatility and insanity.