Surprise! Be Remarkable…

Jeremy Epstein Marketing

Long-time blog readers know that at the core of creating Raving Fans is the necessity of being “Remarkable.” That’s a Seth Godin word from the Purple Cow days that I’ve used for a while.

I’m going to add a closely-related cousin to that…Surprise.

I recently read and very much enjoyed Andy Nulman’s new book “Pow! Right Between the Eyes!” about how we can use Surprise as a guideline for building better relationships with customers and clients.

So, when I reached out to Andy via email asking for time on his calendar to chat, I figured I’d try and do both.

Looks like it worked, as Andy points out in his post about our chat.

One of the things about social media (and blogs and emails are that, of course) is that you are able to witness how others respond (or don’t) to your efforts. That feedback provides grist for the iteration mill.

Now, go surprise someone!