Understanding How Decentralization Can Change Lives

Jeremy Epstein Blockchain, Business

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Today’s author is: Marco StrengGenesis Mining

We have to work diligently to help people understand how decentralization can change our lives. In a world with unstable financial markets, and where privacy has become a scarce resource, decentralized systems o er a much-needed solution. Our struggle, however, is telling that story to the masses. Until now the industry approach has been to explain the technical workings of blockchain to demystify it for the public. This falls short of what is needed to drive real adoption. The time has come for our diverse communities to come together and tell the story of how blockchain can be an unbiased arbiter in an increasingly complex world.

The key to helping move beyond public fears about decentralization and making it more palatable for everyone is by creating intrigue, then excitement, and then closing the loop with trust. Most of the public will not engage will highly technical conversations around Blockchain because unless you are in the field, the technical aspects of it are not exciting.

A narrative approach, one that paints a picture of a more free and fair future is the best way to create intrigue in the mind of the public. Creating excitement around decentralization efforts also drives adoption, and it will be a vital aspect of any successful marketing strategy in this arena. Our team recently decided to send Bitcoin to space for the first time, to help demonstrate the accessibility of cryptocurrency, while creating excitement for its ease of use. The project was a success, and we were able to prove to the public that Bitcoin is a stable part of our technological and financial future.

The last area in which we must all rally our efforts is by creating a trust relationship with the public. Many view Bitcoin and its cryptocurrency relatives as vague and nebulous entities. The solution? Increase transparency and show the public where and how decentralized technology comes from. On numerous occasions, we have shown our customers our mining facilities with the intent of educating them about the physical realities of blockchain. As a community, we must continue to imagine creative new ways to show people that these burgeoning technologies are grounded in real science and secure practices.

If we can candidly address the public’s concerns, while painting a picture for everyone of the potential that embedded in a decentralized future, then we will see greater adoption. Our dream is a fully realized, decentralized future, in which everyone can believe that systems are fair, and opportunity abounds.